ICO You Were There

The Windmill

You're back outside, on what is essentially a very large platform, with a windmill. Across from the windmill there is a large chasm, and a walkway on the far side. You must cross the chasm, but the bridge is retracted and the lever controlling it is on the far side, so you have to go the long way.

If you go to the dark side of the windmill you'll see that there was once a staircase going up, but it has long since broken away. However, at the corner between the dark side and the back of the windmill is a small pillar that you can climb onto, which will let you climb up to a ledge above it. Climb up onto the ledge, and sidestep around to the dark side. Here there are a few ledges above you that you can use to climb up, like in the hall with the chandelier. At the top you end up on a walkway that goes around most of the windmill.


Follow the walkway around to the light side of the windmill, at which point you will be given a view looking along the walkway at the blades of the windmill. As you may have guessed, what you have to do now is ride one of the blades to the top. When the main beam of one of the blades is more or less horizontal, make a running jump out to it, and Ico should be able to grab on. If he does, start shimmying right, aiming to move onto the side of the blade when the whole thing goes vertical. When the blade goes vertical, jump off onto the walkway behind you. If you miss the blade, the water below will protect you from injury.

When you make it onto the walkway, start following it down toward the retracted bridge. You will pass a gap in the walkway near the windmill, a Stone Seat, and the Idol Doors you're trying to get to. Past the Idol Doors drop down two of the large drops, then look for the lever near the edge. Pull the lever to extend the bridge. The bridge doesn't quite work right, and it breaks down short of the far side. Drop down to the partially-extended bridge and extend a hand to Yorda, who'll have to jump the gap. When she gets across help her up those large steps to the Idol Doors. Save first if you wish, then head through the doorway.


Written by Crumplecorn