ICO You Were There

The West Reflector

Enter the building, and climb up the ladder on the right to the main part of the Arena. Go to the top of the stairs over on the left and cut the rope to open the door below, as you did in the East Arena. Go to take Yorda through the open door. Before you get there the spirits will launch a fairly heavy attack, so deal with them first, and then take Yorda through the door. There is a Stone Seat on the far side, so you can save.

This room is the same as last time, except that this time you can open the middle circular door straight away. Replace your sword with a stick from near the Stone Seat, and then climb up the ladder near the seat to a small platform with a lever and a lit torch. Pull the lever, light your stick, then go back down and light the torches in the alcoves you opened, as before.


Once you have done that, climb down to the Idol Staircase, and call Yorda down after you. Climb onto the circular platform, and help Yorda onto it. Just like last time, the staircase will rise out of the ground. Go to the top of the staircase and pull the lever. Light your stick, and use it to light the torches in the alcoves you just opened. When you do this the second circular door will open, and a large number of spirits will attack. You can try to get back to where your sword is, but you may not have time. One way or another fight them all off, checking the portal to make sure you got them all, then go outside to the reflector. Leave Yorda here for now, you'll be in the area again soon, and she won't be able to get very far for now.


The reflector is facing the wrong way this time, but that is easy to fix, simply go over to it and push or pull it until it is facing towards the building. Then climb up the ladder near the circular door and go back into the building. You're now on the walkway above the Idol Staircase. This building features a chain hanging over the staircase, jump out and grab it. Climb to the top to get to the walkway above.

Follow this walkway all the way up to the top and go through the doorway you find there. You are on a high walkway in a room full of flowing water, as before. Pull to lever to stop the water and start making your way back down the way you came up. On the way down the walkway, cut all the ropes overhead to lower both sides of the drawbridge. After cutting the second pair of ropes you will pass a couple of sticks next to the wall. Swap one of them for your sword. When you get back down to the lowest part of the walkway, you will have the drawbridge lowered and the water switched off, but the doorway that leads out to the water room has been boarded up, so the path still isn't open for Yorda. Cross the drawbridge to the area above the Arena. There are some bombs here, take one back to the boarded up doorway. Put it next to the doorway, light your stick using the torch further along the walkway, and light the bomb. Once it has exploded, replace your stick with your sword, and go back down to Yorda.


Take Yorda back out to the Arena, cut the rope holding the second door shut, and take her through. Make your way, just like in the other building, all the way up to the platform above the Arena. Lead her out across the bridge that appears as you go, get her to open the Idol Doors at the far side, pull the lever, and make your way back down to the Arena with Yorda. When you get there, replace your sword with a stick from the pile to the left of the lower area of the Arena, then light it off one of the torches in the alcoves next to the middle circular door, and light the torches in the alcoves near the closed door.


The door opens, the second orb above the main gate activates, and a door opens far above the parapet leading from the fortress, as before. Retrieve your sword and leave the Arena, going back along the bridge and parapet to the fortress. When you get to the far end, climb up the huge ladder to the doorway at the top. Once again, you can leave Yorda behind if you're quick. Go through the doorway at the top and pull the lever on the far side. Go back down to Yorda and take her through to the Main Courtyard. Cross the drawbridge and enter the hall with the chandelier. Go through the hall, down into the Courtyard as you have done before. Go through the Courtyard to the Main Gate. Before going over to the Gate itself, go to the Stone Seat near it and save. Once you have done that, take Yorda over to the Main Gate.


The main gate is open and the bridge is extended. Take Yorda's hand and walk her across the bridge. There is no point in running, as she is too weak to keep up. Halfway across, something else happens.


You get control just as the cutscene ends. Climb up onto the bridge, and then jump across to Yorda.



Written by Crumplecorn