ICO You Were There

The Waterfall

On the far side of the door is a waterfall. You start on a walkway some distance from the waterfall, a short distance along the walkway there is a bridge going off to the left. Cross the bridge to find a closed gate on the far side, along with another walkway leading off to the right. Leave Yorda here and follow the walkway. At the end there is a ladder, climb it, and follow the walkway at the top over to the opening to the left. Climb into the opening, and drop down onto the platform on the far side. Go over to the gap in the railing to the left to find a chain. Jump onto the chain, then jump from it to the walkway across from you. Follow this walkway to the left and go down the ladder near the end to the grassy area below. Note the pit over to the right, past the pillars, as you will have to go over there soon. First, however, you must go to the far end of this area and find a crate. When you find the crate, move it over to the pit and drop it in, giving you and Yorda a way to climb out.

Now you must go and get Yorda. In one corner of the pit is an elevator. Pull the lever to get up to a walkway above you. Go to the far end of the walkway and pull the lever there to open the gate Yorda is behind. Take her to the elevator and return to the pit. Once the elevator is at the bottom again, note the large steps over to the right. If you go up these and across the bridge you will find a Stone Seat, if you wish to save your game. Either way, use the crate you pushed down here a minute ago to climb out into the grassy area, and then help Yorda to do the same. Then climb up the ladder you climbed down earlier, making sure Yorda follows you. At the top, follow the walkway to the far end, past the chain you used to get here originally, and climb another ladder there. When Yorda catches up with you, take her through the door at the top of the ladder.


Follow the walkway on the far side of the door into a large building. Go down the stairs to the lower area. At the far end of the building, on opposite sides, are a ladder and some kind of machine. The door out is also over there, but it is closed, so you'll have to find another way. Climb up the ladder to the platform at the top. Jump up and grab the pipe over the platform, then shimmy around to the left to another platform. Along the way there is a gap in the pipe, simply keep shimmying left, and Ico will drop down onto the lower bit. When you reach the second platform, let go of this pipe and grab the other one, then shimmy left along that to another platform. When you get to the third platform, let go of the pipe, pull the lever, and climb down the ladder to the ground. The ladder doesn't reach all the way to the ground, so simply let go when you get near the bottom.

Return to the lower area and go over to the machine, which is now in operation. A small platform outside the cage pops up and down at regular intervals. You will either find this very easy or very difficult. You must stand on the platform, and jump just as it starts to rise. If you do it right, Ico will be catapulted up, and will grab a ledge on the wall far above. If you get it wrong, nothing much will happen. Just before it pops up, it will slowly move down a small distance. The best time to jump is when it gets to its lowest point. When you get it right you will find yourself hanging off a ledge. Climb up a few times to get to a high platform with a doorway leading outside.


Go through the doorway and climb onto the ladder. Climb down to the ground. There is a stairs to the left, go to the other side of it to find a lever. Pull this lever to let Yorda outside. Almost directly across from this lever, in a corner of the garden, is a crate. Move the crate over next to the water and push it in. The current will carry it over the waterfall, for your use later on.

Your next job here is to stop the water flow, so that you can get down to where the crate went. Look at the wheel near the water's source. There is a small platform on each side of it, reaching about halfway up. Pick a side and climb onto that platform. This next bit must be done quickly. There are four grilles that join the two sides of the wheel on the outer ring. When these are at the top, you can grab onto and stand on them briefly. Just as one comes to the top, you must jump out and grab it, climb up, and jump over to the horizontal bar on the wall to the left, and you must do this before you get dumped into the water. Just make sure you don't press a direction before pressing jump and it shouldn't be too tough. When you manage to grab the bar, climb up onto the platform above. Turn the wheel up there all the way to cut off the water supply. Drop down to the bar, then down into the waterway. Get Yorda to drop down into it as well, and then follow it to where the waterfall used to be.


Drop out of the opening onto a narrow walkway. Get Yorda to follow you, and then take her down to the left to the nearby bridge. Cross the bridge. On the left is a Stone Seat, which you may or may not have visited before. Save if you wish, then go down the stairs over on the right. At the bottom, drop into the lower area, which is the area the waterfall was falling down to. When Yorda enters this area, the spirits will attack again. There are just a few Sentinels this time, so it's easy enough to destroy them, just watch out for the portal that's up the stairs. Once you have dealt with the spirits, find the crate in this area, it's the one you dropped into the water earlier. Push it over to the left to give you and Yorda a way up to the Idol Doors. Climb up there and get Yorda to open the doors, and then go through.


On the far side of the doorway is a wooden walkway. Follow it to the left until it ends. Now follow the rock path over to the left. A short way along you will encounter a small waterfall; follow the water's course down to the left until you get to another walkway. When you reach it, climb up the ladder on to it, and follow it. After going up a bit you will find a large gap in the walkway. Jump across, and then help Yorda to do the same. Once you're both across, carry on along the walkway.
Continue along the walkway until you get outside. Shortly after this the wooden walkway ends, and you are back in part of the fortress itself. Follow the stone walkway along a short distance to a lift. Get into the lift, making sure Yorda's in too, and pull to lever to be brought down to another walkway, near some tracks. Back from the lift, under the tracks, is another Stone Seat, if you wish to save.


Go down the nearby steps, and follow the walkway to the right, until you get to more steps. You can't continue past this point, as the drawbridge is raised. Leave Yorda here, and climb up the pipe on the left side of the passage near the steps. At the top, follow the tracks to the left until you reach the moveable ladder. Push it as far as it will go to the right along the tracks, and then climb up it. Jump to the passage that is level with you over on the right. Pull the lever at the far end of the passage to lower the drawbridge, then get back down to Yorda quickly, as the spirits are about to attack again. There are three portals, one next to the lift, one next to the pipe you climbed up, and one across the bridge, quite close to the edge of the platform. Try not to get too close to the edge, as the spirits may just knock you into the sea. Once you have destroyed the spirits, cross the bridge (if you didn't do so during the battle) and go up the steps on the far side, then go through the passage at the top to another wooden walkway.

This walkway quickly becomes another rock path, then a stone walkway, then just a path, eventually leading outside again. Follow the path to the end, and then drop down onto a stone walkway. Follow it to the staircase over on the right. At the top of the staircase is an unusual lift. Stand inside it and grab the lever, the further out from the center the better, and start turning it in circles to move the lift up. When you get to the top, walk around the corner and enter the small passage to find a Stone Seat.


Written by Crumplecorn