ICO You Were There

The Stone Pillar

You start this area in a small courtyard will walls on all four sides. In one corner of the courtyard is an elevator, take Yorda into it and pull the lever to get up to another small courtyard, this one much higher up. As you step off the elevator, there is an area you could climb up to over on the left, except that it is too high for you or Yorda. Notably there is a crate in the higher area.

In the corner across from the elevator the railing is broken. Start walking towards it, and on your way notice the lever on the wall on the right, which you cannot get at yet. In the far corner you can drop down through the gap in the railing to the ledges on the side of the wall. There are three ledges at different heights, each with pieces missing. Drop from the courtyard down to the highest one, then down to the middle one. Climb up onto this ledge and start sidestepping left. When you get past the gap in the highest one, jump up and grab it, then climb up and keep sidestepping left until you reach the end. Drop down to the ledge below and shimmy left to the end, then drop down to the walkway below you.
Follow the walkway around the corner and up some steps to another wall with ledges. Climb up onto the lowest one and sidestep out to what is left of the middle one. Climb onto that and then up onto the highest one. Sidestep all the way over to the right, and climb up. You are now in the higher area you couldn't get to before. Push the crate across from you down into the lower area.


Immediately follow the crate into the lower area, as the spirits will now attack. Once again there aren't too many, all Sentinels and Spiders. Once they are gone, move the crate under the lever you passed earlier, in the corner with the broken railing. Pull the lever to lower a chain nearby, and then move the crate back to where it was, climb up, and help Yorda climb up. Save using the nearby Stone Seat.

Your next challenge is to get across the large pit in this area. You can get across using ledges on the wall past the Stone Seat, but Yorda can't. The large wooden platform is designed to carry stuff across; you just have to get to the lever that activates it. Start by going across to the far side: Go to the back wall and climb up onto the lower ledge, then up onto the higher one. Sidestep left until you pass the damaged pillar. At this point the lower one widens out enough to walk on properly, so drop down to it and continue to the far side of the pit. Along the way more spirits will appear, but they down in the pit, and cannot get to Yorda, so ignore them.


When you reach the far side, drop down and cross the courtyard. On the far side you will find a wooden arm sticking out with the chain you lowered earlier at the end. Do the same as you did back on the crane, walk out to the end and drop down onto the chain. Slide down almost all the way until you are level with the window across from the chain. Swing back and forth for a while, and then jump through the window into yet another courtyard. Across the way from you are two openings, each with a crate blocking the way. Pick one, push its crate through to the other side, and then follow it. Destroy spirits as necessary on the way.

You're back in the garden again. Move the crate along towards the staircase leading up to the Idol Doors. When you get there, move it along to the left of the staircase until you reach the corner. Position the crate below the gap in the railing above you, and use it to climb up to the walkway up there. Follow the walkway around to a chain. Climb up the chain to a staircase. Go up the staircase, and through the doorway at the top.


Now you're on another walkway. Follow it to the left and climb the ladder you encounter. This leads to another walkway, which you must follow until you get to the gap. The gap is bridged by a chain. Jump out to and grab the chain, then slide down slightly to get level with the walkway. Swing back and forth, getting as high as you can, then jump over to the end of the walkway. At this point call Yorda, waiting for the camera to swing around to confirm that she is standing on the wooden platform below. When she is, pull the lever to move her across.

As soon as she gets across the spirits will attack, so you must move quickly and precisely. As soon as you get control back, jump onto the chain and slide to the bottom, then let go and get to Yorda as fast as you can. She will probably already be stuck in a portal by the time you get there, so pull her out and take her to the Idol Doors to destroy the spirits. Go through the doors to arrive back in the Main Courtyard.


You are now back in the Main Courtyard, but this time you're on a high walkway. Follow it to a doorway which will take you out onto a parapet running the length of the area inside the main gate. Follow the parapet to the end, where there is a bridge leading off to the right. Follow the bridge all the way to a large building on another island. Get Yorda to open the Idol Doors, at which point she will run through ahead of you. Follow her in.


Written by Crumplecorn