ICO You Were There

The Main Gate

The Main Gate is now shut and you have no direct way of opening it, so you must search the fortress for some other way. However, as you may have noticed, there is currently nowhere else to go. You have to open up a new way out of the Main Courtyard. Eight of the torches in the area you're in at the moment can be pushed into indents in the ground, so go around and push them all. When all are done they will light, as will several others elsewhere.

Go back to the Main Courtyard, and go back up to the door that leads to the hall with the chandelier, but don't go through it. Along to the right of this doorway is a passage that is boarded up. Along to the left there are some bombs. Take one of the bombs and put it next to the boards, then go and light your stick using one of the torches near the door. Light the bomb's fuse and wait, preferably at a distance. The bomb will blow the boards away, allowing you access to another part of the fortress. Get Yorda and enter the passage.


Written by Crumplecorn