ICO You Were There

The Graveyard

Follow the passage down a narrow staircase until it widens out into the Graveyard. The Graveyard is actually down the next stairs, but before you go down there you can save in the Stone Seat along from the staircase you're on. When you have done that, start making your way down to the lower area. On your way down the spirits will launch another attack. There are no Idol Doors around this time; you'll just have to fight these ones off. There are various portals, most are easy to find, but one is hidden in an alley next to the widest staircase, so watch carefully if they do get Yorda. After they have been defeated the next task is to get inside the building in the lowest part of the Graveyard.

The building's main door is controlled by two pressure pads, off to the left and right of the door. Both must be activated at the same time to open the door. You already have one crate; it is against the wall across from the door you're trying to open. Start by moving it onto of one of the pressure pads. For now your only way in is to get Yorda to stand on the other one. Lead her over to the second pressure pad and stand her on it. Then go into the building through the door.
Inside, look to the right to see a ladder and a chain. Climb up the ladder to the ledge at the top. Jump from there to the chain, and climb up that to the walkway above. Go out through the doorway to a balcony. Waiting out there for you is a second crate. Push it over the edge into the Graveyard below. There are some further things to take care of here on the second floor, but the spirits will take this opportunity to attack again, so after pushing the crate over the edge, drop down after it. When you have defeated the spirits, push the crate onto the second pressure pad, then take Yorda into the building.


Now to find the way out. Leave Yorda down here, and make your way back up to the balcony you pushed the crate off earlier. When you're back out there look to the left to see a passage running along the side of the building. Follow it and go through the doorway at the end to re-enter the building on a different walkway than before. Follow this walkway around to the end. At the end there is a ledge on the wall on the right, jump up and grab it and climb up onto it. Start sidestepping right until you are under a ladder. When you are under the ladder, jump up and grab it, and climb up it to the very top. At this point jump off. You'll land on the chain behind you. The chain will extend down to the lower area, raising the section of floor nearest the Idol Doors, and giving you a way up there.

To get up to the raised area climb/drop to just above the bottom of the chain, and start swinging towards the raised area. When you are swinging as high as you can, jump over, and climb up if necessary. Call Yorda to see if she can climb up. The spirits will launch another attack around now. If Yorda gets up in time, simply take her to the Idol Doors. If not, drop down into the central pit, and prepare for a tough fight against Sentries, Ghouls and Warriors, not to mention Spiders for good measure. There are enough spirits to completely block the place up, so be careful that one doesn't grab Yorda and try to sneak up the ladder with her. When all the spirits are gone, jump up and grab the chain, swing up to the raised area, then help Yorda up. Get her to open the Idol Doors and go through.


Written by Crumplecorn