ICO You Were There

The Crane

Be careful in this area as there are no railings to stop you walking over the edge. Lead Yorda up the nearby stairs to a larger area. There you will find another stairs which leads up to a high courtyard. At the top you will be attacked by Sentinels for the first time, there are four in total, but a maximum of two will attack at a time. The two portals are at the bottom of the two staircases across from where you entered the courtyard. Be careful if you are forced down there by the spirits, as they can knock you clear over the edge. Once you defeat the spirits go down the stairs diagonally across from where you entered the courtyard. Just like the other one, it no longer leads anywhere, but this one has a ladder at the bottom.


Climb down the ladder to the track below. Call Yorda so that she starts climbing down after you. While she is climbing down, follow the track along to the right. When you get near the end you will find a trolley. To move it either push or pull the lever, depending on which way you want to go, and center it again to stop. Move it over to the ladder and help Yorda to climb up onto it, and then follow the track left all the way to the end. When you to the end of the track, climb up onto the walkway next to you, and help Yorda up. Save using the Stone Seat.

Follow the walkway along to the right, helping Yorda up the large steps as you go. About halfway along the walkway there is a large gap where a piece of it has fallen away. Jump across, and then help Yorda to do the same. Carry on along the walkway until you reach the end. Another large chunk is missing here, but there is a pipe running above the gap.


Leaving Yorda alone again, jump up and grab the pipe and shimmy along to the end. The pipe ends in the crane's control room. When you get there, pull the lever to activate the crane, which will move a massive metal crate up to the end of the walkway. Make your way back along the pipe to Yorda. Jump onto the crate and get her to do the same. Then make your way all the way back to the control room. Pull the lever again, which will cause the crane to move the crate back down to where it was, next to a circular platform far below, taking Yorda with it.

Now you must get down to the platform yourself. Go through the doorway to the right of the lever. There are small horizontal ledges evenly spaced all the way up the wall out here. Jump up and grab the first one, climb up, jump up and grab the next one etc., all the way to the top. Remember this climbing method for later on. When you get to the top, climb on top of the control room, and walk out to the arm of the crane. Carefully drop onto the arm, and then walk out to the end of it. Walk over the edge slowly to climb down onto the chain. Slide down the chain to the crate below. Jump over to the circular platform, and help Yorda to do the same. Save your game using the nearby Stone Seat.


Written by Crumplecorn