ICO You Were There

You Were There Glossary

There are a number of things in Ico for which, for convenience sake, I have given names. To clarify any you don't understand, check the list below.

The race who built the fortress. Never referenced in the game, but someone must have built it, and it is very old, so I have labeled them thus.

The buildings on the east and west islands. Taken from the title of the save game if you save in the front area.

Casket Chamber
The room the game starts in, with all the caskets lining the walls. Based on a reference to the caskets in the instruction manual. Casket Chamber sounds better than Casket Room.

For when 'castle' just doesn't sound cool enough.

Idol Doors/Stairs etc.
Idol Doors refers to the doors Yorda opens throughout the game. Taken from the instruction manual.
Idol Stairs refers to the stairs in the arena which are raised by Yorda. Taken from the title of the save game if you save there.
Since both of the above are canon names, it may be a convention within Ico to describe any devices which run on Light Magic as Idol Somethings, however I have not adopted this convention in order to avoid confusing people who did not spot this pattern.

Light Magic & Dark Magic
Light Magic is the power Yorda uses throughout the game.
Dark Magic refers to the power the Queen has, and her physical form, since she is a supernatural being. It somewhat overlaps with Dark Being.

Light Being & Dark Being
Light Being basically refers to Yorda in her 'Light form'. She appears more or less human, but is obviously different, and since she has Light Magic powers I use the term 'Light Being' to refer to whatever she is.
Dark Being refers to the Queen, and Yorda when she is in her 'Dark form'. There appear to be two kinds of Spirits, the weaker kind sent after Yorda, and the stronger kind like the Queen. I use this term to refer specifically to the latter kind.

The big roundish things above the main gate which spin around and shoot lightning.

Sources of Light Magic
The sources of Light Magic are as follows:
1. Yorda
2. Reflectors
3. Sword
4. Casket Chamber

I generally use this to refer to the creatures which are sent to capture Yorda. However in general it refers to all Dark Magic based beings in the story, which basically adds the Queen. Taken from the instruction manual.

Throne Room
The room you enter by going up the stairs in the Casket Chamber. It looks like a throne room, especially with the Queen sitting in the fancy chair.

The devices on the east and west islands which send out a beam of light. Taken from the title of the save game if you save there.

The People with Horns
A wordy title for the all the people who bear horns similar to Ico's. Known to be born roughly once a generation, and to have some tie to the Fortress.

The Tower
While the Fortress has several towers, 'The Tower' is the one at the rear of the fortress containing the Casket Chamber, Throne Room and Yorda's cage.


Written by Crumplecorn